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Outdoor Patio Geared Blinds

Our geared drop blinds can be manually or electronically operated and come in a variety of colors made from Outlook material. The Outlook material offers a 10-year warranty.

Where required, we install custom fit filler pieces to allow for proper installation.

These blinds offer excellent shade and protection against South-African weather conditions and are UV protected to last longer.

* Outdoor canvas ripstop blinds also available.

Shaded Carports

Our shade ports are free-standing structures supported on all four corners by means of posts or brackets a ached to a building or wall.

These nets are tightened using a 4mm steel cable and gripple and are designed to place force outwards on the poles to counteract the stress of the structure.

This cost-effective solution provides good stability against stormy weather conditions, with a bigger shade coverage area. Fixed side covers can easily be added to the structure.

We have three shaded carport options available:

Shade Sails

Shade sails, also known as tension shades, are custom made shaded nets. They are square or triangular shaped and anchored at different heights, to provide the required, but also aesthetically pleasing shade solution. The large variety of colors compliment the decorative look.

The shade sails are custom made and installed to handle the constant tension and strain.

High density coverage is provided, with up to 96% UV block out, exceptional water run of properties, and excellent dimensional stability and strength.

Pool covers

The solid pool covers are made from high quality, heavy duty, UV resistant PVC, reinforced with aluminium poles. This durable UV resistant PVC ensures a long-lasting pool cover.

These covers have a sturdy build ensuring a child and pet friendly pool area. The covers further assist
in keeping your pool free from debris while also reducing evaporation.

Custom made to fit your pool, the solid pool cover is easy to install.

These unique transparent covers are made from the highest quality 800gsm UV treated clear PVC. The covers are framed in PVC and sleeved with aluminium tubes to provide the required strength, and installation is quick and easy.

These amazing, durable covers heat your pool by trapping the solar UV and creating a green house effect. The droplets that form underneath the cover act as a magnifying glass which further adds to
the heating of the water.

The weight limit on these covers is 20kg, although we do not advise that children play on top of the covers.

Please note that the chlorine levels and treatment chemicals in your pool, may have an affect on the transparency of the covers.

An 18-month workmanship guarantee is included.

The material used for these covers include:

  • Standard PVC
  • Italian Import Marine Grade PVC

Our awnings are manufactured from high quality canvas and designed to accommodate a wide variety of purposes. With a large selection of colors, fabric patterns and fittings, we cater to your individual needs.

These awnings come in custom made fixed and retractable solutions to provide protection from the elements.

Wedge and pram awnings are an excellent solution to provide protection on to your front and back doors against rain, wind, hail, and heat.
They are covered with acrylic canvas and have an aluminium or mild steel framework, with no plastic joints. We offer a wide variety to choose from.

Our retractable fold arm awnings have an aluminium frame and are covered with acrylic canvas. They provide instant shade, covering a wide area.

We also offer retractable fold arm awnings with pelmets to protect the fabric and frame. These pelmets offer protection against sunlight and debris, as well as damaged cause by birds. They also ensure a fully waterproof area by preventing water from running down behind the awning.

Our pergola awnings are custom built on site with acrylic canvas material. They work with a rope and pulley mechanism, making it easy to create instant shade.

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